"We aren´t them lauren. You´re not
your mother or father any more than I´m my mother.
You´re you and I´m me and I love you."

""You ready?" Evan asks, and he's looking at me, and I love his hair,
I love his smile, I lo--"I Love You," I say, and as I watch his smile bloom
I finally get how great those three little words are. I finally get what they
really mean.' --- Last line in "Bloom".

  • Lauren- She is 17 and doesn't think her life is what she wants. She has perfect friends and a perfect boyfriend but she wants none of that but Evan. Lauren's mom left her and her father when she was younger so she still greives upon that. She wishes her and her dad would spend more time as family.
  • Dave- Dave is a perfect a kid. He gets all A's and is great in Basketball. He loves Lauren very much and has already planed out their future together. He fusses over his parents thinking he has to many things to do and he doesn't understand he has a perfect family.
  • Evan- Evan is a friend of the past of Lauren's. His mom had left Lauren's dad. He moved back to Hamilton with his mom because she had got a job offer for nursing there. Evan works all day most of the time and somtimes looks dirty. He is the typical "bad boy" in this story. He has a hard time showing his feelings but he soon breaks through it for Lauren.
  • Marcus- Marcus is mainly like Evan. He is Dave's bestfriend. He has to work and then he trys to spend the rest of his tiem with Katie. Katie is his whole world and he does everything for her.
  • Katie- Katie is Lauren's bestfriend. They basically do everything together. Katie doesn't have such a great life. Her father and mother dont take care of her twin brothers so she has to. She drives them everywere and also buys them everything and is there parent figure. Katie wants whats best for Lauren but Lauren has a hard time telling her about Evan cause she thinks she will be disapointed.
  • Lauren's Dad- He is never home. He worries so much about Lauren but she reminds him of her mother so he works alot. He won't let her drive alot because he is afraid she will leave him like her mother did. He doesn't know how to keep a relationship so he lost everyone of his girlfriends.
  • Mary- Mary is Lauren's dad's ex-girlfriend. They Lasted for awile but broke up because they were always fighting. She is the nicest one of his girlfriends Lauren liked. She is a nurse.