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Plot: Lauren is a girl who isnt so popular but is known well enough.Things change after she starts going out with Dave (the most popular guy in school). An old friend of the past re-enters her life, Evan. Sparks fly Between them though Evan is barily known and is not even close to perfect like Dave is. Things get intense between Evan and Lauren making her fall for him and loose all feelings for Dave. In the end she has to choose between Mr.Right and Mr.Perfect. She picks Mr.Right (Evan). Its First love with Evan and shes happy rather then feeling safe with Dave but also bored.

The Setting is in Hamilton. Other Places the story leads to is Evans house, Laurens High School, Laurens House, Daves House, and also to a big town just outside of Hamilton.

The Themes of Bloom are First love, Honesty, and Not doing whats Always Right.
Lauren has always had great grades, a perfect boyfriend, and a perfect life. She never really knew how to let things go for once and just have fun. She had thought there's nothing else that could make her life even more complete. But as the story goes on she learns that things aren't always going to be perfect. She wants someone that isn't perfect but he gives her 'those feelings" but she thinks she is stupid for giving up a perfect boyfriend. She learns she needs to be honest with everyone and it will be alright. She also learns to go with her true feelings and not what everyone around her expects of her.

Symbol(s): Lauren.
Lauren is the symbol because she is blooming just like the story line is titled. She starts as an ordinary girl who does what right buht only whats right to other people. She earns to be herself and to follow her heart to the one she loves. She is like a flower in spring in this book.